These General Conditions of Sale (“the Conditions”) shall manage, exclusively, relations between asbl Brussels Expo with its registered office at 1 Place de Belgique, 1020 Brussels, Belgium and registered under enterprise number BE 0406.655.573, Register of Legal Persons, Brussels (“Brussels Expo”) and any person holding or having acquired an entry ticket for an event through Brussels Expo (“the Buyer”).
In order to buy a ticket online, you are advised to register via the Brussels Expo website and to accept the Conditions. The Conditions can be consulted and/or printed at any time by clicking on the tab “General Conditions” on each page of the site.
These conditions shall form an integral part of the agreement between Brussels Expo and the Buyer and shall apply to the exclusion of all other conditions or exemption clauses, notably but not exclusively any written communication or prior negotiation as well as any clauses or general conditions from the Buyer even if these state that they alone shall apply. Specific, written and prior diverging conditions shall only be accepted exceptionally following express written approval of Brussels Expo (i.e. referring expressly to these Conditions). With the purchase or holding of an entry ticket, the Buyer declares having read and accepted unreservedly these Conditions and indicates his agreement with the processing of his details in accordance with article 7 of these Conditions.
These Conditions may be subject to modifications, the conditions applicable to the sale shall be those in effect on the site on the date of purchase of the entry ticket. Brussels Expo shall reserve the right at its sole discretion, to change and update the Conditions at any time without notice.
The invalidity, nullity or the unenforceable character of one of the Conditions with the legal or regulatory provisions in effect shall not affect the validity of the other Conditions, which shall retain their full legal force. The provision, entirely or partially invalid, obsolete or unenforceable shall be deemed unwritten and shall be replaced or considered having been replaced by a similar provision in accordance with legislation and which shall as far as possible realize the same function.
In accordance with article 53, 12° of book VI of the Economic Code, the Buyer shall not be entitled to withdraw from the purchase. The entry tickets shall not be exchangeable or refundable.
3.1. PRICE
Prices of entry tickets shall be indicated in euros and include VAT and other taxes unless indicated otherwise.
Entry tickets sold through Brussels Expo shall only be obtained by completing the purchase form online via the ticketing website of Brussels Expo or on location, subject to availability.
Brussels Expo shall reserve the right at its discretion to reject any purchase request on any grounds that it judges appropriate and to require proof of identity from the Buyer.
The Buyer of the ticket shall adhere to the “Act on the resale of tickets to events” (OJ of 30 July 2013).
The entry tickets shall be reserved for private use and shall under no circumstances be resold commercially or at a price differing from the official sale price. The initial Buyer who gives up entry tickets obtained from Brussels Expo shall be obliged to inform the persons to whom he gives up these tickets in advance of the Conditions and shall guarantee their acceptance by these persons. The tickets shall remain in the name of the initial Buyer even in the case of (occasional) resale.
The entry tickets shall have a unique bar code identifying and authenticating them. Each entry ticket shall only be used once and shall only confer one right of entry to the event. Access to the event shall be via scanning the entry tickets. If the same bar code is presented more than once, only the ticket presented on the first occasion shall give access to the event. Brussels Expo shall reserve the right to refuse entry to the event to any person without an entry ticket obtained for the sale prices stated above.
No ticket shall be replaced following loss or theft.
All ticket reservations shall only be final following receipt of payment due within the payment term.
Brussels Expo shall reserve the right, even in the case of late payment, to follow up the order for tickets with a reservation if the number of available tickets in the same category of price allows this.
Payment shall be effected as chosen by the Buyer between the methods of payment suggested in the online order procedure. The methods of payment suggested are credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or Bancontact/MisterCash. and Maestro. Payments shall be secured by Ingenico or Mollie.
Whatever method of payment the Buyer chooses, the total amount of the transaction (purchase price for entry tickets and any costs of administration, handling or delivery) shall be deducted immediately and the sale shall not be effective and the entry tickets delivered until Brussels Expo has received payment.
Any amount unpaid on the due date shall automatically attract monthly interest of 8% without this requiring any prior notice of default. Furthermore, an amount equal to 10% of the total due (with a minimum of EUR 50.00) shall be automatically taken into account.
The Buyer shall receive a confirmation mail in the case of online sales. He shall also receive an e-mail containing the entry tickets in PDF format. The Buyer can print off the entry tickets from this e-mail or print them off from his client account on the site The entry ticket shall be printed in colour or black and white on white paper A4 format. All the elements of the entry ticket and the bar code should be perfectly legible otherwise access to the event shall be refused.
The entry tickets that have not been used or not withdrawn on the day of the event shall not be exchanged or refunded under any circumstances.
If the Buyer does not receive the confirmation e-mail or his entry ticket(s), he should contact Brussels Expo by e-mail at the following address: as soon as possible.
If there is an error in the quantities or specifications of the entry tickets delivered or the entry tickets have been damaged, the Buyer shall notify Brussels Expo immediately and no later than 48 hours of the delivery of the entry tickets by e-mail to the address: By default, the reception of the entry tickets shall be tantamount to acceptance and conformity of the entry tickets purchased. In the case of delivery notified to Brussels Expo within the periods stated and after recognition by Brussels Expo of this error, Brussels Expo shall proceed to the rectification of the error or replace the damaged entry tickets. There shall be no compensation or refund.
Brussels Expo declines any liability if the details (surname, first name, address including e-mail address) indicated by the Buyer are incorrect with the consequence that his entry ticket cannot be delivered or is not able to provide access to the event.
Brussels Expo shall accept no liability arising from the access to or use of the website. Brussels Expo shall also provide no guarantee that the website shall function trouble-free and without interruption. The website contains links to third party sites. Brussels Expo shall accept no liability with respect to the content of these third party sites. The contents of the sites containing links to the Brussels Expo website and the links themselves are outside the control and scope of Brussels Expo and shall therefore be the sole responsibility of these third parties.
Brussels Expo shall undertake its best efforts to provide the most up-to-date, correct and complete information but cannot issue any guarantee to this effect. It shall not be held liable for direct or indirect damage resulting from the visit to or use of the website except for serious misconduct on the part of Brussels Expo as shown by the user.
Brussels Expo shall only intervene as an intermediary for the reservation of tickets and shall explicitly limit its liability to this area. Modifications to the programme, the date and/or place of the performances, the modifications regarding the arrangement and/or availability of places and cancellations, interruptions and binging forward of the performance or of the event shall be the exclusive responsibility of the promoter-organizer.
In any event, Brussels Expo shall only act as intermediary and shall be excused from any obligation of compensation towards the Buyer. The Buyer expressly declares renouncement on this basis of any recourse generally towards Brussels Expo. The Buyer expressly notes its agreement on this point and shall be obliged to address any appeal exclusively towards the promoter-organizer the details of whom shall be provided if necessary.
In the case of cancellation, interruption or bringing forward of an event to which the entry ticket refers, Brussels Expo shall inform the Buyer of the details of the promoter-organizer so that he may contact him in order to obtain a refund or an exchange based on supporting evidence, tickets obtained as well as any additional expenses incurred by the Buyer to the Buyer. The tickets shall be returned within 14 days following the event.
Brussels Expo shall consequently accept no liability in any way following cancellation, interruption or bringing forward of the event.
In any case, only the initial Buyer in the initial transaction shall receive any refund and no compensation shall be paid. Cancellation, interruption, bringing forward and/or change of the supporting programme shall not give rise to refund or exchange or tickets.
The Buyer shall under no circumstances be entitled to claim compensation from Brussels Expo due to poor quality of the event, any modification of content or any delay in performance. In the same way, Brussels Expo cannot be held liable for any differences between the photographs, films, illustrations or descriptions of presentation and/or promotion of the event included on the website or any other promotional support for the event itself.
Under no circumstances shall Brussels Expo incur any liability following loss of profits, loss of business, loss of earnings or any other indirect or unforeseeable loss at the time of sale of the entry tickets. Brussels Expo shall not be responsible in the event of trouble hearing, seeing or other cutaneous or physical phenomena in connection with the assistance at the event for which the entry tickets were sold.
Neither Brussels Expo nor the event promoter-organizer shall be held liable following any infringement of their contractual obligations due to any chance event or force majeure. Force majeure shall include but not be limited to: fire, flood, earthquakes, storm, hurricane or any other natural disaster, exceptional climactic circumstances, nationalization, seizure, official sanction, embargo, strike, lock-out, blockage, power cut, interruption to telephone communications, fax and Internet, terrorist activity, terror alerts, (civil) war, revolt, demonstrations, revolution, stopping and accidents with machines or exceptional traffic accidents, difficulties with supply, failure by suppliers or carriers ... or any other circumstances unforeseeable or due to cause outside the will or control of Brussels Expo and/or the event promoter-organizer and that renders the carrying out of obligations temporarily or permanently impossible. These events shall exonerate Brussels Expo and/or the event promoter-organizer of all liability and shall offer them the possibility, depending on the case, to either reduce their obligations or to cancel the agreement or suspend its carrying out without being liable to any compensation of any kind.
The entry tickets, their graphic design and its components (in particular, brands, logos, designs, photographs, videos, texts, etc.) as well as the clients’ details shall at all times remain the exclusive property of Brussels Expo and shall not therefore be reproduced, copied, imitated or distributed either in whole or in part in any way, on any support and via any procedure without Brussels Expo’s prior written approval except for the purpose of printing in accordance with art. 4, para. 1 of these Conditions.
All the texts, images and photographs on the website are copyright-protected and cannot be used for any purpose whatever without Brussels Expo’s prior written approval.
All commercial use of the event’s or the artist’s name or logo shall be strictly prohibited without the organizer’s written authorization.
The term “personal details” shall refer to the details of a personal nature provided when purchasing entry tickets such as surname, e-mail address, postal address and bank details (“Personal Details”).
Brussels Expo shall be responsible for processing the Personal Details provided by the Buyers.
Brussels Expo shall process Personal Details in accordance with the Act of 8 December 1992 relating to the protection of privacy regarding personal details.
Personal Details may not be sold, transferred or made accessible to third parties not involved in the purchase or the order process or delivery and/or payment except with the Buyer’s express approval when placing the order. These details of a personal nature shall be collected for the proper carrying out of the agreement and may be preserved in order to ensure the proper functioning of the Brussels Expo service and/or to check that the agreement is being carried out properly. They may also be used for direct marketing purposes by Brussels Expo and its parent companies or branches and the event promoter-organizer for which the Buyer has ordered an entry ticket as well by the partners of this promotor-organizer with whom he sells a joint package (combi-ticket).
The Personal Details shall not be transferred or made accessible to third parties not involved in the order process, delivery and/or payment (organizer-promoters shall be considered as being involved) without the Buyer’s express approval when confirming the order.
Messages of a commercial nature shall only be addressed by e-mail or other electronic messages with the Buyer’s express written authorization. The Buyer may withdraw this consent at any time and object against any processing of Personal Details for direct marketing.
The Buyer shall have the right of access to his details as well as the right to correct and delete these at any time. To exercise these rights, just access your client account in order to carry out the modifications directly or write to Brussels Expo asbl, 1 Place de Belgique, 1020 Brussels or e-mail:
By using the Brussels Expo website, the Buyer accepts the Brussels Expo policy on the respect for privacy and hereby consents to Brussels Expo collecting and using his details in accordance with the provisions mentioned herein.
The Brussels Expo website uses “cookies”, data stored by the Buyer’s browser on its computer’s hard disk. This data shall enable Brussels Expo to offer Buyers a better service by gathering information on, among other things, the language selected on the website. These cookies do not contain any Personal Details. Most browsers accept cookies automatically. The Buyer can set his browser at any time to refuse these. He shall still be able to visit the Brussels Expo website.
In the event that any of the clauses of these General Conditions shall be considered void or unenforceable, the parties shall be obliged to replace the void or unenforceable clause by a clause that comes closest to realizing the parties’ common intention.
Only Belgian law shall apply. The courts in the City of Brussels shall have exclusive competence.

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